Bank Forbidden Credit: What Solutions Do You Have?

Some mistakes do not forgive, and among them, those leading to the banking ban are the most significant. You have made this mistake: an unauthorized overdraft , a check with no funds or a default on a loan due date and you are stuck at the Banque de France.

The consequences are numerous, important and can be very disabling everyday. One of the most serious of these is the difficulty of getting credit. What are the solutions? With which organizations? Under what conditions? We remove the sensitive subject for you!

What is the banking prohibition?

What is the banking prohibition?

If you are banned , it means many things. First of all, the banking prohibition is synonymous with the registration on the Central Bank Check File of the Banque de France . Then it means that you have lost the use of your checkbook and all your usual means of payment, Indeed your bank has had to withdraw them. In the same way, your bank has also removed your credit limit . However your bank can still grant you a payment card with systematic authorization on your request.

These bans are valid both in your current bank and in other financial institutions, including lenders. All financial institutions have access to Banque de France files. They are therefore able to verify if you are registered as a banking prohibition as soon as you submit your credit application.

How to make a classic credit when one is prohibited banking?

The fact of being banned bank sends a strong signal to the credit organizations that you apply for your financial difficulties. The institutions nevertheless remain free to grant you credit, the banking prohibition does not create a legal impossibility to that.

However, every financial institution assessing the risk of each new customer, the banking ban makes you a potential bad payer . So it’s a safe bet that you do not find any “classic” bank that accepts to take this risk . The same goes for online banks, which are also very cautious. You can, however, try to convince a counselor of your good faith and your willingness to correct the situation.

If you own a property , you can claim this guarantee from the credit agency you choose . Indeed, your property can reassure the institution as to the solutions that would be offered to him in case of default on your part and, in particular, the seizure of your property. This solution should be considered with great care: indeed, you too must evaluate the financial risk of choice, and this type of loan is able to jeopardize your wealth that you must absolutely preserve!

Credit agencies for bank bans and pawnbrokers

Credit agencies for bank bans and pawnbrokers

It is also possible to contract a micro credit from credit organizations such as Municipal Credits . Many municipalities offer this type of financial benefits to their citizens in difficult situations.

The Municipal Credit of the city of Paris for example can claim a specialized credit agency activity for people banned banking and found in many municipalities in France.

These Municipal Credits offer personal loans ranging from 300 to 3000 euros , with generally competitive interest rates and variable durations to adjust the amount of monthly payments to your monthly living balance.

Other credit organizations for banned banking

You can also find credit solutions for people banned banking from certain public bodies such as CAF for example. The Caisse d’Allocation Familiale grants its beneficiaries in a situation of bank prohibition loans work for their home very interesting.

ADIE is a relevant answer for forbidden people who want to start their first business. In the same spirit, there are several charitable associations such as the Red Cross, which offers consumer loans to certain people in emergency situations to meet their basic needs.