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Online loans as students

Online loans as students are an option that many young Danes have, but much is dependent on your age, income and desired borrowing requirements. For there is no doubt that young students have a little more difficulty in fulfilling the requirements online – and even more difficult in their own bank.

We look at the possibilities for recording consumer loans to students , what affects them and what you should think about before you put your signature on the agreement.

Easy comparison of consumer loans and credit cards in Norway

Consumer loans & credit cards in Norway

Betsey Trotwood looks beyond the country’s borders in this article, where we look at our dear neighbors in Norway. There are many Danes living in Norway and Norwegians living in Denmark. If you are in this audience, you should point ears now.

For there have been two good new services that make it easy and straightforward to compare Norwegian providers of credit cards and consumer loans respectively. Much more about this.

Refinancing FAQ

What is refinancing, what does it cost and who can refinance? If you are passionate about one or more questions about refinancing, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will guide you through all the questions you could have for the subject, and provide good advice and tips to refinance in the best way.

Guide to borrow 9,000 online

Do you need to borrow 9,000 kroner online? In this article, we provide good advice on how to easily and safely borrow money online.

It has become more and more common to borrow money online, and therefore there are also more and more providers to choose from. Therefore, if you want to borrow 9,000 kroner, you have many options. Of course, it is about finding the provider where you get the lowest interest rate and the smallest expenses. Check out the Betsey Trotwood guide here.

Enhance your CV with a course in Excel

Most companies, whether large or small, use Excel in one way or another. This is because the program is very versatile and has many useful features.

Therefore, it can be a great advantage to have an Excel course on your CV when you are looking for a new job.

Loan money by private

The bank is a natural part of the vast majority of people’s lives. It has also been here that the most loans have been taken. Now online companies are also starting to be a big part of the lending market.

But there is actually a third option. You can also borrow money from private individuals – either someone you know or by professional investors through new concepts. More about this.