Fast loans without presentation of documents

To have the freedom to buy a house, a car or renovate an apartment, even freelancers can apply for an undocumented loan.
What matters, in these cases, is being able to prove that they are able to repay the loan even without a pay slip that gives an actual proof of the income earned in a year. Certainly also the State is moving in the direction of the promotion of the female and youth enterprise, in order to make the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, characterized by SMEs, more solid.

Even the banks and the financial companies, however, are moving in this direction, making loans without pay slips even simpler, although it should be remembered that income must always be shown to obtain any type of financing.

Fast loans without documents: banking offer

Fast loans without documents: banking offer

Banks are increasingly sensitive to the trend of VAT numbers and freelancers who are increasingly entering the Italian labor market.
For example, Astro offers an innovative and affordable loan:

Also in this case no preliminary costs are foreseen, the financeable amounts start from 1000 USD. To apply for the loan, just go to the Agos branch, where a pre-assessment is made and in the event of a positive outcome, the applicant must be present to complete the opening of the application or, alternatively, receive the pre-filled contract at the address indicated as domicile, sign one copy and attaching the required documents, forward it by post to the finance company.

Quick loans without documents: Special Cash Postepay

Poste Italiane offers, for those who hold a Postepay, the possibility of having up to 750 USD a month, thanks to a card called Special Cash.
To obtain this credit, to be able to directly credit your Postepay you must have the following requirements:

  • Age between 18 and 70;
  • regular identity document;
  • health card / fiscal code;
  • hold a Postepay card on which you can credit the loan;
  • CUD provable by declaration 730.

The total cost of this loan is equal to the stamp duty of 16.00 USD plus 2.00 USD in tax for periodic communications (at least once a year).
This type of card does not include interest and preliminary investigation fees, nor bills. To obtain more information you can request, in any post office, in the consulting area, or even the toll-free number or on the Poste Italiane website.

Quick Loans Without Documents: Start Up Loans

Quick Loans Without Documents: Start Up Loans

Thanks to agreements with the Government, to finance and facilitate startups and in any case the entrepreneurial ideas of young people, it is possible to request a loan at a variable rate up to 50,000 USD, with repayment from 18 to 60 months, with a possible pre-depreciation period of 12 months to facilitate the start of the new business idea. Ubi Banca, for example, offers a loan to freelancers with valid and demonstrable ideas.

Unicredit also offers a start-up loan, called a New Business Loan, which allows you to request up to $ 100,000, to be repaid with a maximum amortization plan of 7 years, at a variable interest rate, in quarterly or six-monthly installments. It is also important to be able to prove that you have not been registered with the CCIA for more than 21 months, to prove that you are able to make at least 30% of the amount requested with your own funds and that the eligible Confidi release is at least 30%.

Additional funding is also possible for start-ups, usually state subsidies of various types, which mainly involve regional or provincial calls for funding the purchase of machine tools or software and hardware, with certain basic requirements.


It should be remembered that, with the term without documents, we mean in any case the fact that freelancers, even if they do not have a demonstrable pay slip, can obtain a loan by presenting the CUD, obtainable from the 730 model, mainly related to the income of the previous year. In no case is it possible to request a mortgage, loan or loan without being able to provide reasonable guarantees of provable income sufficient to meet the costs of the loan requested. Alternatively, you can request to mortgage a property, such as a house, or rely on a guarantor, who has a certain and demonstrable income.