Is It Worth It to Do Consigned Loan? Payday Loans

For whom is it worth to use the Payroll Loan?
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Anyone who works with a formal contract, is a civil servant or receives some benefit from the INSS can apply for a payroll loan . If you have heard about this type of credit or want to better understand how it works, check here the answers to 15 common questions about the rules and conditions of the public and private payroll.
It is a type of loan, also known as paycheck credit , which has as its main difference the form of payment: every month, the debt installments come out of your salary or the INSS benefit before you receive that money. That is, while you’re paying payroll deductible credit, you’ll have less money in your account – and you can not avoid that discount. “It’s a guarantee that banks and financiers have to receive the installments on time, which brings less risk and allows these companies to cover lower interest rates than they would charge on a personal loan,” explains financial planner Valter Police.
For whom is it worth to use the Payroll Loan?
The paycheck loan is worth who has high debts in the overdraft or credit card , in this case it becomes an excellent option to leave the pindaiba, why? simple, interest rates are lower and deadlines are much higher.
For those who made a personal credit in installments or in the store card, financing in CDC, up to the CEF pledge, make an analysis of the discounts that will be given by the prepayment of these debts, can be very advantageous. When the discount rate is higher than the payday loan , make the switch, otherwise stay where you are.
I do not have debts I do not have debts to replace! Better yet, is it worth taking this ” money loan “? first because it is a cheap loan , has a lower cost than the stratospheric costs of overdraft or credit card . If you have a need you were putting off, look at your budget now, see if your loan provision will not jeopardize other essential expenses.
The facilities to take this type of loan without bureaucracy are very large, especially for federal civil servants and general servants, particularly for retirees and pensioners of the INSS and the military of the aeronautics, army and navy as well. Be careful not to take loans to do favors to relatives, family members or third parties.
Remember that salary / salary / pension or retirement is your means of support, with it you will pay for your food, your health, in short, your future.

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