Best 5 Most Exotic, Endangered Creatures—Borneo Unleashed


In the emerald profundities of the world’s tallest rain woods on the Pacific island of Borneo, life thrives. The thick wilderness shade protects a large group of wild creatures that jump, shoot and creep among the verdant trees that periphery streams and waterfalls. Covered up among Borneo’s secretive antiquated rain woodlands are mysterious natural life, for example, orangutans, ocean falcons, obfuscated panthers, dwarf elephants and jeopardized ocean turtles.

Situated in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, Borneo is the world’s third biggest island, the biggest island in Asia, and one of the last genuine nature heaven goals on the planet.

Here are a couple of our most loved alluring, oft jeopardized animals of Borneo:

Proboscis Monkeys

The uncommon proboscis monkeys are at home in Borneo’s beach front mangroves, where hornbills and ocean birds take off above.

Borneo Pygmy Elephants

Scout for the super adorable dwarf elephants swimming and playing in the Kinabatangan River.

Imperiled Sea Turtles

Take a vessel ride to uninhabited Selingan Turtle Island along the Malaysian and Philippine limit in the Sulu Sea to see jeopardized ocean turtles in one of the three primary turtle settling locales in Borneo.

Bornean Orangutan

Imperiled orangutans flourish in the lavish vegetation of Borneo, imparting branches and vines to leaf monkeys, wild gibbons, flying lemurs and more than 300 energetic fowl species.

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