How to Create a Knock Out Media Kit For Your Blog

Are you considering reaching out to the media to provide more exposure for your blog? Have you been getting requests from the media looking for more information about your blog, but you’re not certain how to package it for them in the most effective way?

Enter the media kit: once a traditional staple of public relations and marketing, the media kit has evolved in a new era of blogging and social media to become a powerful tool in your running a blog strategy.

When my blog garnered international attention immediately in April 2011, I actually realized I desperately needed a knockout media package to help my blog more effectively tell my story. When I rebranded in March of this year, my media package was essential in establishing my new brand personality.
What is a mass media kit?

Sometimes referred to as a press kit, your media kit contains promotional materials about you, your blog and your brand. Your media kit is within one neat package deal you can use to bolster your pitches to media shops or accompany important announcements and newsworthy items about your blog or brand.
Why do I desire a media kit?

Like a blogger, there are key pieces of information about your blog you want to be sure to share with prospective mass media partners. Sometimes media shops would like to get to know a little more about you before they approach you to find out if you’re a good fit for their story needs. Having a mass media kit ready to go directly on your blog makes your blog that much more friendly to journalists and makers.

You should also consider your media kit as a helpful tool for interested brands who seek to work with or advertise on your blog, giving them insights on your readership. I consider the subsequent items in the next section essential in any press kit I create, either for myself or other clients.
Media Kit Must-Haves

Current headshot: Media lovers and potential advertisers want to see the face behind the blog. You don’t have to have your headshot professionally done; just make sure your face is obviously noticeable and you are well lit in your photo.
Your own bio: Your media package is your personal summary of media outlets. Web, printing and TV journalists are recorded the lookout for compelling stories, so really take the time to tell possible members of the media exactly who you are and what your blog is all about. Wrap it all collectively in a concise bio that sells the originality of your blog.
Site traffic statistics: You might be operating Google Analytics or some kind of website traffic supervising on your blog, right? You could pull key numbers such as overall life time visits to your blog, monthly unique visitors, and new versus returning guests.
Social media presence: Usually are you on Pinterest or Facebook? How about Twitter? When you’ve been racking upwards the fans and followers for years, your mass media kit is the perfect spot to let those enthusiast numbers shine. You afraid to brag: if you have 1, 000+ fans on any social press platform, you absolutely have the right to toot your own horn! This specific also helps media shops evaluate your credibility and determine if you have the social media influence to spread the word about their forthcoming tale.
Readership demographics: Who’s reading your blog? Again, using data from Google Stats, let media outlets know from where your blog readers are coming. It’s also useful to step back and take a look at both your home-based and international readers, as you never know very well what international outlet might be enthusiastic about your blog. It also helps to know your readers’ genders, ages organizations, marital status and when they have children. Having your readership demographic information handy is absolutely crucial to working with brands and promoters.
Press clippings or media features: Maybe you have already been featured in your local papers or TV station? Your media kit is THE place to demonstrate your media openness. List any media shops or stories in which might already been featured; these only add clout to your reliability as a media source. If you don’t have any press clippings yet, don’t get worried – everyone has to start out somewhere.
Awards, honors and other testimonials: If you or your blog have already been winning awards for the work that you are currently doing, you should absolutely shout this from the mountaintops within your media kit. Having real testimonials from blog readers makes your blog a trustworthy, reputable resource.
Present, accurate contact information: In case you have a reporter on a deadline, they need to be able to get in touch with you. Your contact information including name, mobile phone number, email and address should be on every page of your media kit. In case you’ve not comfortable giving out your cell phone number or publishing it publicly on your blog, consider getting a free Google Tone number and have it forward to your mobile phone.

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