Defending country wide wildlife Refuges

Our nation’s natural world refuges furnish habitat for hundreds and hundreds of species, together with 380 of our endangered or threatened species, from the Florida panther to the leatherback sea turtle. Each and every 12 months, tens of hundreds of thousands of persons consult with and experience country wide natural world refuges in each U.S. State and territory, infusing practically $1.74 billion into nearby economies and creating greater than 32,500 U.S. Jobs. Defenders of flora and fauna is working to preserve and give a boost to the country wide natural world Refuge procedure, the one approach of federal lands in the us dedicated to natural world conservation.
Defending natural world Refuges

Defending the Arctic countrywide natural world Refuge, AK
The Arctic Refuge is the largest country wide wildlife refuge, and protects iconic species similar to polar bears, caribou, musk oxen and many migratory birds. It is one of the last undeveloped portions of the north slope of the Arctic Ocean coastline, over ninety% of which is already open to oil exploration. Oil drilling within the Arctic Refuge would permanently scar this unique habitat and irreparably harm the flora and fauna that depend upon it.

Oil related movements equivalent to seismic testing, aircraft and car noise, or even the mere presence of people neighborhood can drive mom polar bears faraway from their dens and cubs, and might alter the annual path of the Porcupine caribou herd, a migration that has came about for tens of hundreds of years. The infrastructure,  power noise and spills related to oil drilling could reason the caribou to desert these ancient calving grounds, forcing them into the mountains where there’s less for them to consume and greater hazard of predators. Drilling could additionally injury the crucial breeding grounds for migratory birds, which could have consequences for entire populations of many species.

Defenders is working to aid permanent protection of the Arctic Refuge and to vigorously combat any notion to open the refuge to oil drilling.

Defending Izembek national wildlife Refuge, AK
located on the tip of the Alaska peninsula, Izembek countrywide wildlife Refuge is internationally well-known as an foremost wetland, included as a natural world refuge and targeted as a desolate tract subject. Its one in every of Alaskas most ecologically numerous refuges, with lagoons, tundra and wonderful mountain peaks. This splendid habitat is dwelling to brown bears, wolverines, caribou and tens of 1000’s of waterfowl, seabirds and shorebirds.

The Alaska Congressional delegation is pushing for a road to slice by way of this pristine refuge. Defenders is fighting back, asking our contributors to take motion on behalf of the refuge, educating individuals of Congress and their staff concerning the significance of the refuge, and intervening in a lawsuit introduced through the state and local communities.

Read Jamie Clark and former inside Secretary Bruce Babbitts op ed on Izembek >>

Defending Pea Island national natural world Refuge, NC
Pea Island countrywide wildlife Refuge in North Carolina was once headquartered as a country wide natural world refuge in 1937 to furnish nesting, resting and wintering habitat for migratory birds. With thirteen miles of ocean seaside and wetlands, Pea Island is a haven for greater than 365 one-of-a-kind birds and different natural world, akin to loggerhead sea turtles. Barrier islands like Pea Island protect the coast from storms and serve as particular wildlife habitat. Barrier islands are dynamic, always altering form and being washed over by using the ocean, which revitalizes the island and creates new habitat for flora and fauna. On Pea Island, the ecosystem is dependent upon occasional overwash of sand to build up marshes in Pamlico Sound, creating new habitat for birds and different natural world.  However, humans have been regularly fighting this natural barrier island system. Freeway NC-12 is dangerously close to the ever-changing shoreline. As a rule, it is shut down or backed up by site visitors to clear sand off the road. Defenders is pushing for a complete overhaul of the transportation hall by means of the refuge to scale back the avenues affects on the coastal ecosystem.

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