what is the theme of your weblog? you may have more than one, however provide an in-a-nutshell account of what your weblog is set. tell approximately any weekly occasions you host that draw ordinary readers on your blog. when you have seasonal topics you write approximately, describe your every year go with the flow. write a few sentences to describe your readers, too: you (have to) know their conduct and personalities higher than each person, so permit your sponsors recognise exactly who they’ll be advertising and marketing to in yourblog.
that is the coronary heart of your media kit: it allows your sponsors apprehend what you’re approximately, and it can assist them – far better than information can – understand how nicely they (and their merchandise) will match into the existence of your’s a record you put together that gives potential blog sponsors the entirety they need to realizeapproximately sponsorship with you.a top notch sponsorship kit is an wonderful device for speaking with sponsors, but it also indicates them that you recognise what you’re doing. a media kit is your satisfactory foot ahead, professionally talking (specially if it’s designed properly)- and it’s going to also assist weed out agencies who absolutely wouldn’t be a goodhealthy to your blog. so you can give up wasting your time writing prolonged emails to “justall of us” who’s interested in sponsorship and recognition on sponsors so that it will cross the space with you.

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