All they ever stated become that this become one of the nicest places they’d visible

They did not eliminate any of the refuge’s 275 domestic animals.

The raid did not make sense, said Joan Coleman, director of the Humane Society, which serves eight San Gabriel Valley towns. The nation enterprise has regarded for years about the wild animals housed there, she said.

“All they ever stated become that this become one of the nicest places they’d visible,” she said.

But Fish and recreation government, who are getting ready misdemeanor costs in opposition to Coleman and her son, assistant director John Coleman, stick via their guns.

He draft environmental impact statements and exams. Some environmental companies said they were looking ahead to the very last reviews whilst Chertoff made the announcement.

Chertoff said the department had been a careful steward of the environment, even after workout waiver authority. 3 previous waivers were issued by way of place of birth security

they are saying that wild animals had been being held in cages that had been smaller than the legal length limits; that the refuge changed into maintaining wild animals with out a permit, and there was no certified rehabilitator working to prepare wild animals for eventual release.

Fish and recreation spokesman Curt Taucher said nation wardens made a videotape of the safe haven as evidence. “it’s pretty photo,” he said. “It shows hawks in parrot cages. There is a hawk with a five-foot wingspan in a cage that is at maximum two or three feet huge. It suggests layers of feces inside the raccoon cage.”

The Colemans could resist a yr in jail and $1,000 in fines for each of five misdemeanor fees. The safe haven itself is being denied formal recognition as a natural world rehabilitation middle, in which injured wild animals may be handled.

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