Extend Elephant

Extend Elephant (PE) is an untamed life preservation extend started in India in February 1992 with the mean to give money related and specialized support to real elephant bearing States in the nation for insurance of elephants, their environments and halls.

In spite of the fact that this midway supported plan started with a push on elephant protection in the different elephant crowded bio-land locales of the nation, it extended its view to embrace a more far reaching way to deal with the auxiliary issues of human-elephant struggle and welfare of trained elephants.

The Project outlined 13 States to execute its endeavors to keeping up a practical Elephant populace in their regular territory. The states being:

Andhra pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh








Tamil Nadu


Uttar Pradesh

West Bengal

For a superior comprehension of the primary exercises of the Project, they are recorded beneath:

Biologically reestablishing the current normal environments and transitory courses of elephants

Creating of logical strategies for protection of elephant environments and practical populace of Wild Asiatic elephants in India and guaranteeing their continuation through arranged administration.

Advancing measures for alleviating man-elephant strife in significant living spaces and beyond what many would consider possible nullifying the undue weights of human and residential stock exercises in critical elephant natural surroundings

Guaranteeing strictest adherence to “No poaching” demonstrations detailed for Wild elephants and limiting instances of unnatural passings of elephants because of human or other obstruction.

Explore on Elephant administration related issues.

Leading Public training and mindfulness programs.

Accommodating veterinary care of the wild elephants.

Undertaking Eco-improvement as a noteworthy stride to strengthen their endeavors at natural life protection.

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