Importance of flora and fauna conservation

Commonly it’s asked why we should maintain flora and fauna and preserve forests once we ourselves want extra land for agriculture, housing and industries. In addition, it’s argued that wild beasts and birds destroy our vegetation and gardens. The wild beasts also pose a danger to our home animals and farm animals. Why then should there be reserved forests and sanctuaries? Why should our scarce money and resources be spent in defending lions, tigers, musk deer, crocodiles, cranes or swans? What do we lose if some species are already extinct, and some others are on the verge of extinction?

Certainly, these questions and queries betray our lack of information and fallacious priorities. Natural world is an main and indispensable part of nature. The wild birds, animals, bugs and reptiles support to keep a steadiness in nature and conservation of atmosphere. God has no longer created them with out cause. All these species have their respective and definite roles to play in the better scheme of things. We must no longer disregard that man can also be an animal but social, sensible and rational. We share many things in usual with them. Our kinship with them could be very lengthy and founded. They’re there to counterpoint and make our lifestyles more pleasurable and meaningful. The decrease in their numbers is certain to have an effect on the ecology and excellent of our existence adversely.

They are as just right an foremost part of nature as we’re. They’re a consistent and renewable source of meals, medication, and security of environment. Nothing is useless in nature. This is why they in finding such an essential place in our art, culture, religion, literature and mythology. Without them greater than half of the attraction of human existence could be destroyed. All of them are our best buddies, without whom we are not able to do. For instance, snakes guard our plants with the aid of destroying rodents; vultures and kites, and many others. Do our scavenging work; lions and tigers, etc. Preserve the deer population in assess and the birds and insects aid in fertilisation of fruits, vegetation and plants. Fish, deer, fowls, pheasants, rabbits, partridges, wild buffaloes, and hogs, etc. Provide us meat. If there were no birds, existence can be without so much sweet tune, color, diversion, solace and grace. In different phrases, flora and fauna is rather priceless and it is our bounden duty to retain and safeguard it.

From a traveler’s point of view, our wildlife is a quality appeal. International tourists come here to see the Royal Bengal tiger and Asiatic lion, the majestic elephant, the one-horned rhino, the colorful peacock, the amazing birds of paradise and to angle the trout and the masher. They aid us in incomes important forex. There are a lot of matters in life which can be imperative however we are seldom conscious of their value. This is applicable to natural world as well. These birds, beasts, insects and reptiles type an necessary a part of nature, human existence, and country wide wealth.

The extinction of many species of wildlife in India has sounded the warning bells. Thank God that now we have not grew to become a deaf ear to these indicators. We’ve the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), with its headquarters in Kolkata and sixteen regional stations spread all over the place, for surveying the fauna assets of the nation. The flora and fauna defense Act, 1972, governs the wildlife conservation and safeguard of endangered species both inside of and outside the woodland. Underneath this Act, exchange in infrequent and endangered species has been banned. It is a cognizable offence to kill these species. There are presently seventy five country wide parks, 421 natural world sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens within the country, protecting almost 4.5% of the geographical area. But nonetheless so much stays to be executed to shield and preserve flora and fauna in India.

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