Mustika Bezoar Pearls–notes

“Bezoar” will come towards the Persian term, “pá zahar,” indicating “antidote towards Poison” (pa-treatment method, zahar-poison). The phrase is always made use of toward stones discovered within the belly and digestive method of pets. We seek the services of the time period in just a generic truly feel for concretions in the direction of be found out within all organs of pets, vegetation, and inside other factors of Mother nature. Indonesian occultists and shamans with this definition in just intellect, refer in direction of bezoar stones as “mustikas.” Inside of other components of the East they are named by means of different names, this kind of as “geliga” (Malaysia) and “Mutya” (Philippines). Historical naturalists gave individual names in direction of the bezoar stones as uncovered in just pets. For example, bezoar stones of eagles have been referred to as, “Aetites,” or “Aquilenus.” A very similar expression, “Aquilinus” refers in direction of the stones discovered within just the intellect of fishes. “Crapandia” was the popularity of the stone learned inside of toads. Swallows manufactured concretions named “Chelidonius.” The stones found out in just cocks ended up named “Alectorius,” and “Celonite” was the popularity of the bezoar stone learned inside tortoises. The occultist and naturalist, “Albertus Magnus,” referred towards the stone taken in opposition to the intellect of dragons as “Draconites.” This latter bezoar stone was viewed as a Good treasure by way of the kings and emperors of the East.

As a rule, bezoar stones or mustikas have been, and are very valued–toward the mindful they are recognised within superior esteem for their convenient traits inside the therapeutic of thoughts, physique, and soul, as effectively as conferring on the wearer Great psychic and non secular traits whenever applied within just the ideal fashion. This kind of pearls can be high-priced, one particular resource relates that inside of modern day situations, some of this sort of bezoar stones are accessible by means of Common Prescription drugs at a value of US$20,000 for every stone!

Bezoar stones are largely calculus concretions towards be discovered within pets and crops, When they are on top of that found out (possibly intended throughout alternate treatments) inside of the ecosystem within which such creatures are living. Positive pets these kinds of as snakes, deer, centipedes, monkeys, wild goats, camels, porcupines, antelopes, and so on. generate them within abundance. Some mustika pearls include their origin in just therefore-named mythological creatures these types of as dragons and sea-serpents. Weird stones and pearls inside of our variety had been figured out as a result of shamans and occultists owning practical experience inside of the industry of mustikas.

Bezoar stones in accordance towards some medical investigators, are written primarily of calcium phosphate, with some supplies of the crystalline mineral, “brushite.” Absolutely sure bezoar stones involve oxide of iron, silex, alumina, and so forth. Gemologists may well study them in direction of be effortlessly organic-mineral or semi-worthwhile stones–still what results in All those bezoar stones exceptional and distinctive is their issue of origin, and innumerable home owners of this sort of pearls comprise arrive in the direction of comprehend that they incorporate a psychic intelligence or existence. Some psychics check that bezoar stones include an indwelling elemental spirit identified as through occultists “fairies,” “elves,” etcetera.

Royalty had been amazingly fond of bezoar stones–not fully considering that of their exquisiteness or their unheard of look, nonetheless simply because of the very good magickal virtues that they confer towards the possessor–virtues this sort of as charisma, an authoritative-bearing, individual magnetism, psychic sensitivity, and so forth. Queen Elizabeth I, for case in point, is usually recorded toward consist of experienced quite a few bezoar stones as aspect of her crown jewels. Xá Abás, a single of the kings of Persia, was additionally fond of the stones. In accordance in direction of just one legend, 1 of the Shahs of Iran gave handful of bezoar stones in direction of Napoleon–one thing which “the conqueror” drastically honored. He afterwards experimented with in direction of damage them within hearth, probably as a result that they would not drop into the incorrect palms.

In just the “Garuda Purana,” a Hindu scripture, bezoar stones are really extolled; although within just western literature, chatting of the toad-stone, Shakespeare recognized their lifestyle inside of “As On your own Which include It, (Act II, Scene i)”:

Lovable are the takes advantage of of adversity,
Which, together with the toad, hideous and venomous,
Wears nonetheless a valuable jewel inside his brain . . .

Bezoar stones are rare–some are unusual! Maximum incorporate Wonderful magnificence despite the fact that other people may perhaps feel hideous and as ineffective baubles–still inside them all lies superior virtues and magickal energy that are almost certainly further more impressive than standard crystals and gemstones–in particular for therapeutic operate. The fashionable prepare of crystal therapeutic is dependent upon the historical therapeutic-artwork of utilizing the bezoar stones in the direction of the system in the direction of neutralize poison. As the latter were being uncommon, everyday crystals and stones ended up utilised as a substitute. 1 is maximum privileged in the direction of have All those bezoar stones–in particular the substantial good quality types which are prized significantly through collectors and occult practitioners. They can be deemed not simply as investments–ownership by yourself definitely boosts the money and social problem of their operator–1 rationale why they have been sought for by way of noblemen and kings. The well-informed occultist would recognize how in direction of wield and acquire finish-convenience of the energy that these kinds of stones own. People bezoar stones are virtually bodily representations of the “Cintamani” or the “desire-pleasurable” jewel of the Buddhists–they guidance toward meet just one’s innermost and precious wants.

Utmost of Those people mustika pearls consist of their origin inside of the Indonesian archipelago–in opposition to the islands of Kalimantan (Borneo), Java, and Sumatra. It is a truth , although, that even inside these types of islands bezoar stones are exceptional.


Mustikas are abnormal items fashioned inside of pets and vegetation. They could possibly be expecting the form of regular monthly oyster-pearls and tumbled stones or in just unconventional styles and measurements. Inside of their unpolished /untumbled nation, they comprise a difficult texture. As opposed to oysters that style pearls out of disappointment, Mother nature varieties these kinds of pearls inside of the bodies of distinct pets, vegetation and end result for some motive unfamiliar as but toward us. They are weird creations that may perhaps correspond toward human cancers, cysts, and tumors. Not all pets or crops of the similar species kind these kinds of pearls, still they either do transpire within virtually just about every residing currently being.

Abnormal pearls incorporate furthermore been identified inside the bodies of saints and holy us citizens; this may well almost certainly be an indicator that animal and plant pearls are the manifestation of an organism’s optimum electricity crystallized and fashioned out of informed or unconscious desire towards a high evolutionary point or nation.

Some mustikas are fossilized areas of an animal or a plant, these as the eyes of a creature. Following hundreds or thousands and thousands of a long time this sort of eyes during a organic and natural treatment incorporate crystallized, hardened and realized occult powers. The development of a mustika pearl or a fossilized physique-element are directed as a result of Mother nature’s invisible forces and intelligences. Often this sort of intelligences are elemental spirits that specialist the course of action of the output of a mustika pearl, and they subsequently produce these types of pearls or fossils their property. Individuals wearing such pearls are helped by means of the indwelling elementals inside of distinctive practices; they support in direction of improve their keepers aura and fearful method; they confer optimistic energies; they help the mind facilities, etcetera.

The natural and organic energies of Individuals pearls draws in luck, neutralizes and wards-off destructive forces. They comprise a natural and organic tonic affect on the actual physical approach. They are additional effective than everyday gemstones and crystals While made use of for confident applications. Additional on to ritualistic products and solutions this sort of as wands, they would certainly help an occult practitioner’s magickal functions. Western occultists comprise still in direction of investigation and come across the electricity of People mustika pearls that heretofore contain simply just been outlined within just myths and fairy stories–as insider secrets regarded simply just in the direction of the ancients.

Mustikas are broadly identified inside South-East Asia, India, and other nations of the East. Malays, for case in point, speak to Mustikas “Geliga”; Phlipinos get in touch with them “Mutya.” Occidental naturalists of the final referred in direction of them as “bezoar stones.” The highly effective stones instructed inside of stories and legends are really mustikas. The Sanskrit words, “Sri Garuda-Puranam,” speaks in just factor of Those pearls. In just essence it declares a person acquires superb fortune and blessings through having a mustika.

This kind of magickal pearls are a person-of-a-type, special, unusual, and potent. It is mentioned that simply just fortuitous people in america are capable toward choose and preserve them.

Wherever Are They Predominantly Learned and Discovered?

The mustikas–pearls and fossils readily available in direction of us versus our assets–consist of been uncovered generally inside of the Indonesian archipelago. They consist of been realized in just caves, jungles, sacred sites, ancient internet websites and within the continues to be of pets and vegetation. Some of them ended up magickally retrieved versus the etheric planes by means of occultists who specializes within this unheard of feat. The electricity in just People pearls are from time to time recognised as a result of the psychic battle the occultist experienced in direction of move for the duration of with the spirit guardians within just purchase toward take them. Rather a range of this sort of pearls had been items towards our resources by means of tribal shamans and chieftains.

How the life and virtues of the pearls are figured out may possibly at times materialize Very by means of incident. For case in point, tribal hunters could locate an animal showing a level of invulnerability in the direction of their weapons; immediately after eating at some point killed the animal with the assist of a shaman, they would locate that the creature possessed bizarre pearls lodged or embedded within just their mind or entire body. Following exploration would make clear that it was All those pearls that gave the animal its invulnerability electric power. Pets are not hunted or killed for mustikas/pearls, despite the fact that, as shamans recognize that they can barely be identified inside of that style–the discovery of a pearl is from time to time incidental towards the killing of a creature for meals or since they are a threat toward villagers. Pearls are primarily discovered in just the continues to be, dens, and nests of the creatures.

Centipede are a single of the a great number of creatures that type pearls. All those pearls are shaped through the mucous of the large centipede, which it performs more than with its mandibles and then areas it upon best of its intellect exactly where it crystallizes and in just season falls off toward the floor. Some centipede pearls are fashioned inside of the belly. Sincere centipede mustika pearls are prized by means of gamblers for the luck that it bestows on its understand.

Frequently chatting, the virtues of pearls are regarded through the observation of their penalties in just one particular’s everyday lifetime as they are carried, worn or attuned toward as a result of guaranteed procedures these as psychic get hold of with the indwelling elemental spirit. Some of the pearls comprise relatively uncommon actual physical consequences, this kind of as the high priced and exceptional Mustika Merah Delima that tinges drinking water in which it is immersed in just with a crimson coloring–or as a result the tale goes.

How in the direction of Calculate the Accurate versus the Untrue

There are distinctive practices for analyzing regardless of whether a mustika is accurate or a wrong. Some of the distinctive info in the direction of be regarded as are the immediately after:

The Electrical power Exhibit

Although a pearl is stored in between the thumb and forefinger, as the breath is saved, electricity would be felt as issuing forth versus it. The extended it is stored the more powerful will the electricity be palpable. The electrical energy would operate all through just one’s arm and inevitably realize the center or toward just one of the other chakras inside of the human body based on its excellent. Fakes do not present these types of sensations.

The Existence of an Elemental Spirit

Each individual and each and every a single of the mustika pearls comprise an indwelling elemental spirit–fakes do not contain them until connected by way of a knowledgeble occultist. The existence of the spirit might be felt and communicated with by means of a psychic.

The Medicinal Traits.

Devoid of exception, all mustikas incorporate vibrational therapeutic virtues which could be tapped into. Once again, fakes do not personal these electricity.

The Change Amongst Mustikas and Regular Consecrated Talismans

There are couple of basics that differentiates mustika pearls towards talismans. Amongst them :

1) Mustikas are empowered via Character’s forces and intelligences–contrary to talismans which are consecrated via human operators.

2) The ability and elemental spirit inside a mustika pearl are not extinguishable or transferable in the direction of other products, in contrast to the electric power within just talismans which may well be magickally neutralized or transferred toward other merchandise.

3) No observances or prayers are needed for mustika householders in just purchase towards hold its electrical power or comprise them element completely–in contrast to talismans which do.

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