A wildlife protection institution

SAN DIEGO — A wildlife protection institution demanded that the Bush administration act right now to protect two endangered marine species in the Gulf of California, announcing a Mexican government crackdown has been insufficient.

In a proper petition filed with federal flora and fauna and commerce officers, the Washington-based Defenders of wildlife group Thursday proposed banning the importation of positive Mexican fish in filet shape that allows you to protect the totoaba fish and the world’s maximum endangered porpoise, the elusive vaquita.

Totoaba fishermen within the states of Baja California and Sonora have decimated the vaquita population over the years via by chance snaring the porpoises in gill nets. Despite the fact that obscured with the aid of the talk over different dolphins killed via Mexican tuna nets, the plight of the vaquita , or “little cow, ” is dire.

Professionals trust just a few hundred vaquita continue to be in lifestyles; the small, shy mammals are so rarely seen alive that fishermen call them phantoms.
Their slaughter has been fed via tourist call for for totoaba in northern gulf fishing villages. U.S. Business people and travelers smuggle totoaba north throughout the border inside the form of filets, passing them off as sea bass or other criminal species, activists say.

A crackdown ordered via Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari has led to harder enforcement of a totoaba fishing ban that had been omitted till now, with arrests of two fishermen last month and stepped-up patrols by way of flora and fauna inspectors and the Mexican military.

However Defenders of flora and fauna said an undercover team of investigators despatched to the Gulf of California in April discovered that the fish are nevertheless being broadly killed, bought and ate up.

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